2/8 Heroic!

by -Zeph-, 1803 days ago

With our Ultraxion kill tonight, we are now 2/8 heroic! Grats to everyone!

The state of the guild is about the same. Many of us only log in to raid and thats understandable since wow is in kind of a slump right now as everyone waits for pandaria to come out. I personally have been playing other games such as league of legends, diablo 3, and starcraft 2. Dont worry though, I dont plan on going anywhere ^.-

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by -Zeph-, 1811 days ago

Ill explain the situation and yall can give me your feedback on how to go forward.

We are close to having 25 for raiding but with the volatile nature of the server combined with the fact that everyone is kinda bored with current content until Pandaria comes out....we never quite have it. We are typically sitting at 17-18 online and having to pug the rest which prevents us from doing any kind of heroic attempts or even full clears.

Recruting has stalled out due to the same reasons as above. Most are just kinda in limbo until Pandaria is released.

So what are our options? None of them will make everyone happy but I would rather it be out on the open than to do things without everyone knowing.

The only option I see right now is to reduce to 10 man raiding. Perhaps have multiple 10 man groups running. Have a primary progression group that will focus on getting higher marks for the guild as a whole, and then have another group who still needs gear or alts who need gear. Not sure....

What do you all think? Hit me up in game and let me know.

I dont want to make anyone mad but the truth is that I can only take 10 people to a raid if we choose that path and I know that no one likes to sit out.

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Got my Shirt

by -Zeph-, 1815 days ago

Got my shirt a couple days ago so I decided to take a couple pictures =P

Forum Image

Forum Image

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